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Neuromarketing studies are increasingly sounded in the world ofconsumersand sales. And it is not for less, it is known that with them fewer mistakes are made than with other marketing techniques. In Neurocatching we have tools that allow us to understand consumer behavior in an efficientway withoutthe need to use other alternatives of a more invasive nature or that may make theuserfeel uncomfortable.

Today, we show you thefive benefitsthat as a brand we obtain when doing the studies online;

  • Sample size: Being online, we have an easier time finding interested consumers willing to do the studies. This allows us to have a larger population sample in a more concise way and, consequently, a lower error rate in the results. Who knew that with one click we would be able to connect to the other side of the world! (And in this way)
  • What is good and brief twice as good: When respondents conduct the study, in parallel, we collect the data. This allows us to mythologize and optimize time. It does not become heavy for the consumer and allows a pleasant environment while fast.
  • Autonomy: Implicitly we get more automation, since respondents feel they don’t waste time and we more easily get real-time results.
  • Environment: Probably what plays most in our favor is this point, the environment. Nobody likes to feel like we are a laboratory mouse, but unfortunately in some situations or studies produced outside our «natural habitat», they can makeusersfeel uncomfortable. On the other hand, studies done online occur in a pleasant environment for theconsumer. It’s their comfort zone. They will probably open up more to us and we will get more involvement from them. Consequently, the data collected make the studies more truthful.
  • Greater accuracy in the results: When you have good tools what you get are good results, in the case of online studies we use the combination of different neuromarketing techniques that make us have greater precision in the results obtained.

Are neuromarketing studies available only to companies with large budgets?

Unlike what is believed, neuromarketing studies are not only available to companies with large budgets, but these include studies in companies of all kinds. Like everything in this life, it is a matter of adaptation to the need you have at all times. From Neurocatching we facilitate the adaptation of studies in both SMEs and large companies, using neuromarketing tools that are available to the different products and services that are based on the market.

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