Something fundamental is to understand that the behavior of consumers on different platforms and devices is different from the way of buying in a physical store. Mobile phones have been a necessity for customers since with them they have all the information they want at their fingertips. Whether it’s knowing your balance in the bank account, seeing the weather you’re going to do today, or even paying the bill.

Apps have become popular when it comes to consumer entertainment, it is known that on average people in Spain use 4 hours a day. This gives us the opportunity to use our apps to attract and retain our customers. Offering our target a different, unique and personalized user experience.

Here below we give you seven tips to maintain a full user experience in your apps;

  • Beware of using too many ads.

If we had to define the trigger of why your users do not endure a month with the application, it would be because of the ads. In neurocatching we have identified that many of these generate a high number of cognitive loads. We know that it is obvious that companies use advertising in their applications, although we regret to say that its massive use is one of the predominant reasons why they delete your app. So remember, there’s a fine line between ad repetition effectiveness and heaviness.


  • Good speech by the copy.

Like everything in life, it depends on the glass with which you look at it. Make sure you use good copy in your app. An original, funny and attractive speech can mean the total conversion of the consumer.

  • Personalization of messages.

We all like to feel that we are unique and special, a brand has to know how to transmit it without being noticed. In neurocatching we have contrasted in several studies that emotions are more positive when people identify with the message. We can translate it into knowing that it is very important to make our consumer feel that it is not just another number, but that we take into account their opinion and they will be accompanied exactly the same both physically and behind a screen.

The use of eyetracking has been a great ally in the field of neuromarketing allowing to measure the attention of the consumer. In our article eyetracking techniques for your website we tell you more about its characteristics.

  • Optimize user actions.

Living in the age of constant emotions is what you have. With the frenetic lifestyle we are used to, people look at the mobile and need to have a quick solution that does not waste their time. They are looking for simplicity, practical and effective solutions that facilitate their day to day taking care of the things that really matter.

  • Use a proper design.

Although it seems obvious, you should not use the same format of web page as application in the same brand. The design has to be different, offering the user the same opportunities as that of a website, in the format of the screen of your Smartphone. It would be an adaptation of the web without losing the essence of the brand, offering the same opportunities.

  • Give benefits.

Patience makes the master. Keep in mind that the conversion of your target is not going to be from one day to the next, you have to show them why they have to stay and what benefits it offers to have your app.

  • Updates.

Last but not least, we will say that keeping your app up to date is the best way to offer your consumers a great user experience. We must take into account the apps are a product. And like any product stops for a cycle. A cycle in which you have to offer an updated and important content so that it does not lose its value disappears over time.

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